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Better performance, bigger margins. Focus on your customers and leave the infrastructure work to us.

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Helping Partners Fly With CloudMyDC

We've flown around the world, setting up high-performance cloud computing so you don't have to. Join a community that's serving over 1.5 million developers and businesses in 24 global data centers, driving innovation globally.

Global, enterprise-grade infrastructure

Our 24 data center locations give you instant infrastructure everywhere you want to do business. With a portfolio of compute, storage, and networking products, you can deliver solutions with the high-speed performance and reliability your customers expect.

Partnerships that yield bigger profits

CloudMyDC is uniquely committed to working with you so that you can develop your solutions successfully, and operate them profitably. Unlike other clouds that turn partnerships into zero-sum games, it’s our goal to grow our businesses together.

Dedicated support, guaranteed service

The control panel enables the creation of API keys under your main account and sub-accounts and enables an additional layer of security by supporting configurable IP whitelists.

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Got customers, need cloud? CloudMyDC offers competitive margins that will blow you away. Let's have a chat about how you can boost your bottom line.

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Service Providers

Do you provide consulting, management, or integration services? CloudMyDC offers enterprise-grade infrastructure at low prices that result in higher margins for you.

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Are you building something brand new? Perhaps a platform or managed service other developers might use? Let's go to market and achieve success together.

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To apply to join our partner program please use the link below. You will be redirected to our offsite PartnerStack form to submit the application.

CloudMyDC Partnership

You'll have the opportunity to host all your clients under one account; we provide you with a profit-rich discount taking your margins to the next level. As a bonus, you will also earn a monthly commission consistently for all paying CloudMyDC customers you refer from both your professional and personal networks.


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Why Choose CloudMyDC?

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    Economy of Scale

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    Licensing for Various Vendors

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    Any Technology, Vendor and Platform

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    99.99% SLA

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    Highly Secured

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    Customized Golden Images

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    1:1 Instance with Zero Downtime

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    24/7/365 Priority Support

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    No Special Hardware or Software Needed

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    No Expensive Hardware or Maintenance

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    Special Partner Pricing

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    No Long Term Contract

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