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CloudMy DC was formed with a simple Buddhist thought; Many in Body and One in Mind. Despite the fact that we have a team of people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences and education, we are working towards a common mission to make our customers successful in their business. We are a team of dedicated professionals, constantly striving for perfect deliveries and immaculate customer experience.

Our Values

Scalable business solutions resulting in quicker and efficient business networking


Firm Loyalty

Our firm loyalty to customers defines our business approach, and our extensive experience enhances the array of services we provide.



We've centered our strength on meeting customer requirements, providing personalized solutions and services tailored to the needs of their enterprise.


Perfect Continuity

We ensure a seamless experience across all your business operations, committed to maintaining flawless continuity regardless of your business's geographical location.


Our competent team is trained in delivering high standards of technical competence. Our engineers have extensive knowledge and massive experience across various IT skills which enables them to deliver their best services to our clients.


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, as Steve Jobs said. We bring innovation to your business which distinguishes you from your competitors, helps you scale faster, optimizes your investments and realizes your goals.


Our strength has been our intellectual acuity and flexibility to align with our clients in understanding their requirements and delivering to their expectations. Our team is focused and attuned to deliver results. Delivering timely and good results to our clients is our mantra.

Next Gen Technology

With the accelerating pace of technological innovations, older technologies and processes are steadily falling behind the speed and power curve. Today’s business requires IT that is agile and nimble to keep up with today’s demands. We recognize that creating the breakthroughs that will make everything from cradle to cloud practical and consumable is essential.

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